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Company Profile

Somo industrial group (SOMO Industrie Gruppe) is headquartered in Germany, the industrial city of Dresden, is a famous German related equipment, process control and industrial system suppliers, mainly to provide customers with high quality, advanced electric, pneumatic control valve, measurement and control system and other products, in more than 10 countries and regions have their own production base, with subsidiaries and representative offices in the countries of Western Europe, America, South Korea and so on, the products to the revolutionary design features, exquisite workmanship and perfect reliability has been in the world more than 30 countries and regions to win the market and reputation. In the mid eighty's early Sommer with its reliable quality with foreign project and equipment facilities to enter the Chinese, its products have been widely used in water supply and drainage engineering, electric power, petrochemical, iron and steel, coal, electronic, automobile, municipal, food and beverage and other industries, the highly praise!

Changzhou Somo Automation Equipment Co Ltd is a German industrial group general agent in Chinese sommer, responsible for its control valves and related products sales and after sale service, the company has a strong technical force and excellent team, with years of experience in flow control, to provide customers with advanced, high-quality, comprehensive fluid control solutions and technical support, the company main products are electric valve, pneumatic valve, regulating valve, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator and accessories, is widely used in various fields of electric power, petrochemical, natural gas, boiler, gas, gas, water treatment, water supply and drainage, air conditioning, building automation, fire, marine, medical food, beverage, beer, medicine filling and nuclear reactor and other production system.

In order to enrich the structure of products, meet customers one-stop procurement requirements, our company in cooperation with American SONIC TORQUE company and Italy VALBIA, Taiwan DI-HEN, as in China of an agent, the agent the piston actuator and special pneumatic actuator, electric actuator and other products, so as to provide a more comprehensive, the high quality service for the customer.

At the same time, regional agents and project partners the company wanted the German SOMO, USA SONIC TORQUE series products, welcome a person of noble aspirations to join.

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